Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I'm hanging out in bed reading blogs on my laptop and listening to Paige and Jeff.

They're hanging out in his room playing Call of Duty. Yes, they are playing a violent game trying to kill people, but they are bonding.

They are laughing at each other getting ambushed and killed.
They are warning each other about possible attacks.
They are congratulating each other on successful missions.

I don't like these violent games.  I wish they didn't like them so much.  But I will take this for I know they will remember hanging out and having fun.  I don't feel these games turn kids into killers, though if a child had those types of tendencies them maybe they encourage and feed those dispositions.  Not too worried about my guys.

Having a boy and girl can be rough sometimes.  They played well together as little kids but as they grow and mature they drifted apart.  Now they are entering (have entered) the teenage years.  I want them to be close and be there for each other.  We try to teach them this, but sometimes talking to them is like asking a tree to move.  I think they are getting it even if they don't say it outright.  For the past few weeks they have really been hanging out a lot and it couldn't make me and my husband happier.

It would be better if they weren't killing and pillaging, but hey, it's a start and I will take what I can get!

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

this is such a hot button issue right now. I don't think games make killers, I think it comes down to the family level. Parents need to talk to the kids and love them, not ignore them. I know you are raising your kids right, and I think a little time playing games in harmless.