Monday, January 7, 2013

As if...

As if hurting my back trying trying to lift our fallen over Christmas tree last weekend was enough, I fell down my steps. 

And no not the ones outside with all the snow and ice all over them.  That would be a normal logical event to happen here in Western PA in January.  No not I.  I fell down the steps leading from my second floor to my half floor.

Though I should be glad that I didn't fall down the steps from the half floor to the first floor- all 15 of those.  I only fell down the 6 top ones. And injured my back bad.  Same side that I hurt just days prior trying to save my hardwood floors from all the water as the tree laid on it's side. 

The upside is that my daughter and husband thought it was the most hysterical thing EVER! 

I on the other hand have been in pain and limiting my mobility trying to get my back better.  BUT, I still went to work!  Yes I have been at my job for 13 months and not called off once (our contract gives a monetary bonus for perfect attendence which I am all about!).  Though I was tempted to leave early on Friday cause I was just so uncomfortable. 

I am starting to feel better and it's a good thing since there are so many cleaning/organizing challenges starting and I want to dive into them.  Of course we all know the one room in my house that is my nemesis....the office.   It's fitting that it's the room that most of the cleaning challenges are starting with since it's the THORN.IN.MY.LIFE.

Can't I just blow it up?

Anyway, I have to download a million pictures and I have so many drafts in Blogger to get published.  Since sitting up and typing this post is not making me feel good, I am signing off.  And staying horizontal. husband may like that last line!

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