Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tis the season

We all complain about how the stores push the holidays on us. Halloween for sale in July and Christmas in September. But I was really shocked Saturday when we were trick or treating and a house several blocks down from us was decked out for Christmas. Lights on the trees and wreaths on the windows. Really? It really looked odd in between homes that were completely covered in Halloween decorations and spooky music was playing. I told Jeff that it would be funny to ring their door bell and say trick or treat!!! But we didn't.

Christmas is going to be here soon and of course I'm marching to the beat of a different drum as I am trying to pare down and not purchase. Great time to decide to do this!! That's me. Although I have already begun Christmas shopping (I'm usually done by Halloween so I'm behind schedule), I am also looking to rid a lot of things in the home. I have a huge pile in the office, just need to borrow one of the camera's from work, and I get it all on eBay in time for others to do their shopping.

I'm not looking to completely stop purchasing things but to buy only those things that are truly necessary. Jeff wants me to finish taking down the wallpaper in our bedroom so we can paint and install a new floor. Our room is really horrible and in need of a remodel. I did purchase new sheets as our old ones were so cheap and made it hard for me to sleep. Since we don't know what color to use in our room I got a color that would go well in the attic that way when I do buy new bedding for our room these can go to the attic and replace the really old sheets on that bed.

The kids have made up their Christmas lists and other than Paige wanting a laptop, they aren't asking for much. I am pretty much done with Jeffrey Michael's list and now I'm working on Paige's. That just leaves nieces and nephews and teachers. I would like to be done by Thanksgiving so that I can try to get things needed for the house with all the sales. Our living room is in need of curtains. The sheers (that were given to me for free) are bleached from the sun and the cat made runs trying to move them to get to the window sill. Plus I'm hoping to get a nice camera. Too many pictures on the cell phone and I don't want to lose them.

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