Monday, November 23, 2009

Honey Do List Part 2

This week is a nice short work week for both me and Jeff. So of course I have to take advantage of the extra time and get some things done around the house. Not that Jeff knows, though I am sure he is probably aware that I will be asking for some work done around the house. Last night I surprised myself by cleaning the refrigerator after dinner. Why is that shocking? Because I didn't get dinner cleaned up till around 6pm and I normally don't tackle big projects like that so late at night. I haven't seen my refrigerator get so disgusting in a long time. Plus we just had recycling on Friday so I had plenty of room for all those unused bottles that collected and multiplied. One of my projects is to replace the gasket around the door. It is falling apart and since we aren't looking to get a new refrigerator, I'm thinking of just replacing the gasket. The refrigerator is about 12 yrs old and I should get a new one, but it's just not a good time.

But hey everyone, I didn't stop there. I had worked all day doing laundry as I got behind this week. The cross country team's warm up suits were turned in and needed washed. Because my husband knows how careful I am with clothes he asked me if it would be ok to clean them. He didn't want the parents to wash and dry them and ruin them. So in between running to the cross country banquet and Light Up Night Parade on Wednesday and Thursday, I washed and hung over 40 pairs of uniforms and warm up suits. Yuck! But now they're clean and ready to be stored for next year.

So yesterday, I worked on finishing up laundry and after cleaning the refrigerator I went up to my room and ironed and ironed and ironed!! All that I have left to iron are the clothes hanging from yesterdays wash. I have a short day today so I hope to get home and do my downstairs hardwood and vacuum the steps and iron the remaining clothes before WWE Raw comes on. My kids love wrestling and though I am not interested in it all, we usually watch it as a family.

My main goal over this break is to get the remaining wallpaper off the walls in my bedroom. Jeff promised me that we could get our bedroom remodelled over Christmas break if I get all the wallpaper off. And a new floor! The carpet is just disgusting. We definitely are going hardwood but not sure what type- though bamboo is high on the list. I want to go with blue and brown but I don't want it to look feminine. He saw a tv on sale at Target that he wants for our room. That would be nice because I iron in my room and it would be nice to listen to something while ironing and my clock radio has poor reception.

Jeff's running in a 5k Thursday morning and then we'll watch the Macy's Day Parade before heading over to my mother in laws for dinner. Then off to Jeff's aunt's for the Christmas gift name pulling and an early evening in bed. Jeff wants to hit Walmart for a trampoline on Friday and I'm sleeping in!

Anyone have exciting plans for this week?

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Simplelivin' said...

Sounds productive!!! I love the blue/brown combo, especially for a bedroom. I don't think it's girlie at's BROWN! :-)

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!