Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Working Man's Vacation

My husband is on his way home from Chicago. He left on Friday morning and will probably roll in around 9:30 pm est. We missed having him around, but not his messes. There were no piles of dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, the counters were clean and crumb free, and no one had to wait to use the bathroom. Still, it was quiet and we all felt something was missing.

This is the last week of summer vacation. Jeff jokes and says he's on a working man's vacation. I have no sympathy for him! I am hoping to get the kids back on schedule as they start class next Monday. Paige insists that I start waking her up at 5:30 am. It never happens! She doesn't go to sleep early enough and seriously waking up that early is beyond me.

Tuesday we are going to an amusement park with a couple of families. This is our family vacation. Oh well. The kids are excited and that's all that matters. It's suppose to be hot - thank goodness for water rides!!!

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

good luck with getting prepared for school. I know thats always a hard transition