Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School Slacker

Monday is the official first day of school and I'm excited to get everyone back on a routine. Only problem is- I haven't done any back to school shopping for my kids. I have been shopping here and there for my "stepson" who leaves for college tomorrow. What you say- stepson? Well, there is a young man from my husband's high school that we've become very close with and have taken him as our "stepson". This young man has had a really rocky childhood and when he joined my husband's cross country team a couple years ago, my husband saw a really good kid with great potential. Jeff worked really hard with him last school year and helped him get accepted in college. Jeff even found a lot of financial aid and scholarships to help pay for most everything. Plus we told him we'd buy him what he needed for school. So while my "oldest" is ready for college this Saturday, my other babies are not quite as ready.

Paige and I have been looking online for the perfect book bag. She likes using totes and the one she used last year is totally destroyed beyond belief. It was a free tote that I picked up from Bath and Body Works and she took it for herself. I've tried to fix it but it's not salvageable. She found the perfect tote but they were out of it online so I am taking her to the store to see if they happen to have it there. She only needs a few things to start out. I did find some shirts and socks for Jeffrey M at Target. He has a lot of shorts from spring that should still fit him. He really just needs shoes. I'm hoping to get to the outlet mall tonight to get things started. Me and all the other slacker mom's that wait until the day before school starts to go shopping!!

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