Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm's A Brewing..

This past week has been crazy busy as my husband's cross country team got ready for the WPIAL meet.  This meet is for the varsity runners (boys and girls) to try and earn a place for the state competition in Hershey PA.  We have one boy and one girl who are amazing runners and were certain to earn a spot.  Unfortunately, the girl earned a spot but our boy lost all that he learned from training to his nerves and didn't place.  He's only a sophomore so we have high hopes for the next few years. 

We leave on Friday for Saturday's competition and I'm hoping this upcoming storm doesn't cause too much damage to the course.  I was shocked to here the storm was actually touching mainland in the Delaware/PA area.  I thought it already hit the Carolinas and all the rain we've been having yesterday and today was the storm reaching us. 

I was shocked when the news advised us of bad weather starting Monday night.  We normally only see rain for a couple days after Hurricanes hit mainland and die down as they move up our way.  So I spent all day trying to prepare for what could be some crazy rain/wind/snow in the next few days.  I hope my basement holds up.  It's been raining so much recently that I'm guessing it's gonna get water once the storm hits. 

The good thing is that I was able to get all my son's winter clothes out of storage and I have a good idea of what he needs.  Paige's clothes have been out for a while and she just needs some jeans and a winter coat (hopefully she'll wear one this year). 

With the storm and getting ready for states, I probably will not post till next week.  Hope everyone is safe and warm!  It's already dropping below 40! Brrr!

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