Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tablescapes and Vignettes

No. Not in my house. 

Lately I've noticed a big trend on blogs to feature tablescapes and vignettes.  Mantles and dining room tables decked out for each changing season and holiday run rampant among so many blogs that I follow.  Yes- most of the blogs that I follow are ones where decorating and organizing are the main theme.  But I just don't get it.  I could never leave a dining room table fully dressed with plates and cups.  For one, they would get dirty from dust and Chester would get curious and jump up to lie (lay?) on them.  And besides, where would my family dump all their papers/clothes/binders?? Not in the designated folders/clothes hampers/desks that they have.

I do decorate at Christmas time.  But even then, I only put a couple items on the dining room table because of the above. And the mantle isn't all that fancy. It's a money issue for me.  I just couldn't afford to deck it all out though I do try to pick up some new things each year. 

Maybe I'm just jealous and envious.  To have the time and money to decorate according changing seasons/holidays is just something I can't do.  Heck, I would just like to get my house in order and decorated in general at this point!  I could be in a funk also because I did start buying things for my home after I resolved to stop obsessing over debt repayment and now my husband's changed his mind and wants to pay off debt only. 

So I guess I have to say hats off to all of you ladies out their making your homes beautiful and stylish.  I'll still roll my eyes in envy/sarcasm.

Who am I kidding....I'm dreaming of my own tablescape!!

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