Friday, December 2, 2011

Scary House

Halloween wasn't all about dressing up in scary costumes in our house.

Nope...we deciding having a scary house would be cool as well.

This is how my house started at the beginning of October.  I know, there are so many things wrong with this picture. 

And this is how we ended October right in time for Halloween.

There were no trick or treaters coming to our house on Halloween.  Not unless they could wield a hammer and nails.

I don't know what we were thinking when we decided to replace our roof and siding. Apparently we weren't.  So much went wrong with the roof.  First they found we had 2 layers of shingles instead of one.  The last roofer was sneaky and cut off all the shingles on the edges so it would look like only one layer.  Then our porch roof was so damaged that most of it was torn off and replaced.  Which also caused us to have to replace the old knob and tube wiring for the porch light.  That was actually nice cause I am having them install extra outlets for when we hang Xmas lights.

Then this happened-

That's the end of my driveway after the contractor put the pieces back.  His truck was hauling away the roof material and the hitch destroyed my blacktop.  It split in half like the Red Sea and was dragged out into the street.  He is replacing it in the spring, but I just couldn't take one more thing going wrong with this job.

So here is what our house looks like now.

Took this in the morning when there was frost on the roof.  It actually looks really nice.

The gutters, soffet and fascia are going up before Christmas- I think.  And the siding will be going up in spring.  I need a break from construction right now. 

Here are what my guys went as for Halloween-

My very own Pittsburgh Penguin hockey player, Sidney Crosby and his friend the nerd.


Live Simply- Live Well said...

O my gosh no wonder you have. Been miathatis major work. It looks great though!!! Are you happy with it?

Rochelle said...

Yes the roof looks so nice! Took me forever to pick the color-but I'm so glad I went with the dark brown. We're changing the siding color to a brown as well to match the brick better. But it was such a disaster for almost 2 weeks. I'm still finding nails and shingles in the yard!!