Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I got the job!

Well, I should restate this- I was told I had the job a few weeks ago but they weren't sure when I would start.  Late last night I got a call saying that there were some changes in the department and when can I start?
So starting tomorrow, I am beginning my new job.  I will probably only work at my current job till next week and work the new job full time the week of December 19th.  Now I just have to tell my boss.  I was going to let him know this week that I would probably be leaving after the first of the year, just wasn't expecting to give such a short notice. 

But I am so excited.  Wish I had more time before I started to get things done around the house before the holidays, but I AM NOT COMPLAINING.  This is a government job with the county that is highly sought after and I just happened to get lucky.  I didn't tell anyone about it even after I was told I would be hired for fear of losing it.  So I am finally comfortable to tell people.  Jobs are hard to come by and I am more than grateful.  Hoping this is the start of a good 2012 for me!


Shannon Marie said...

Congratulations. From the little that you've stated this sounds like a wonderful opportunity. And yes, what an great start to the 2012 year for you!

Best of luck telling your boss- I'm sure he/she will understand!

Michelle P said...


Live Simply- Live Well said...

Wahoo! You got a new job. Awesome! More details lady, come on, more details!!!!!
I think you should call Dave Ramsey and tell him....he would get so excited you got a job in a recession! Yahooooooooo for you!
Can you tell I am pumped for ya?

Louise said...

Congratulations on the job!