Monday, August 8, 2011

Paige's Bedroom Remodel- Part 1

Can you spot the 10lb Chihuahua?

This is not Paige's room.  This is my room with some of the things that she wants to get rid of.  Poor Peanut is barely visible!

We've been talking about re-doing Paige's room for some time.  She has hand me down furniture that is just not functional and her poor mattress was a quick buy for less than $100 at Big Lots.  I've been secretly going in her room and cleaning out some things but it was so hard not to just go through everything.  She would have been so upset if I did that and it would not have been fair to her either.

So I gave her an ultimatum.  Clean out your closet and drawers and then we can re-do your room.  I told her that Thursday night.  By Sunday, she finally got to work.  And she worked really hard.  She took some breaks here and there, but cleaned out most of her clothes drawers and her closet.  She just has her desk drawers and a couple cupboards to go through and she will be done. The best part is that she really cleaned out all of her toys!! And she cleared out a lot of books.  I know some other little girl is going to be blessed with all of this.

I have no before or during shots because we technically are not allowed in her room.  She wants to surprise us when she's all done and show us each drawer and cupboard.  I have been sneaking in and checking things out though!!

We've picked out furniture.  Well, she chose furniture she liked from PB Teen, but I can't afford that so I am going to be on the look out for furniture similar to what she wants.  Mainly, she wants a vanity.  And a new desk but we just bought hers a couple years ago and if I paint it white, it'll match what she wants.  Her color palette is teal and green from a quilt I bought her for Christmas.  I think it's going to look so pretty, but most importantly is the fact that she's getting rid of a lot of things that should have gone years ago.

Now to get things listed on eBay and/or tagged for a yard sale! 


Live Simply- Live Well said...

thats so exciting for her!!!!

Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said...

I am SO sorry that your space got covered up on the link party {being new I set them up for the wrong size apparently}!! I promise to make it up to you by featuring you on my Facebook page! I'll tell you why...I LOVE that your daughter is working SO hard on her own! Thanks for linking up and working so hard to get that room ready for a makeover!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Rochelle said...

No problem Becky! I've been having issues too with doesn't let me leave comments on some people's blogs. SSSooooo frustrating!

Kim said...

Love the Ebay comment. I love selling on Ebay (my blog is about it). Great going having your daughter particpate in cleaning up. I always prefer to do it myself, but that doesn't help them.

I've had trouble with Blogger and comments. I've found using Firefox works alot..also people that have the setting of Name/Url works best as an option.

Jackie said...

How exciting and what a great way to motivate her to clean and organize her room.

Beth said...

Isn't it great to watch the progress! Glad to be a part of the cleanout party =)