Friday, August 5, 2011

All over the place

Sunday I went up to the attic with the intention of locating Jeff's school records.  But of course the main living area was a disaster from Paige having a sleep over.  She said she would clean it up....well, we know how that ends!

Because I couldn't stand the way the living area was, I had to clean it up.  Which also led me to go through some of the containers of toys that have been collecting dust.  As I put away the stray toys, I ended up going through Jeff Michael's container of Knex and Legos.  Big mistake.  That took me forever to go through because I did not realize how similar those are.  But I did find most of the pieces to put his Star Wars Lego sets together.  Amazingly, the only piece I am missing is one of the Storm Troopers heads. 

Then I decided that I had to clean out the bottom of Jeff's closet.  More stray pieces of toys that had to be returned to the right place led me to the office.  I cleaned out the other side of the office and have toys ready for either ebay or a yard sale.

Long story short, I eventually got back to the task at hand which was locating all his school records.  I now have a 10 gallon tote filled with his papers from Pre-school to 3rd grade.  I was able to get his height and weight information for his doctor's visit and also put Paige's papers in a pile to be organized as well.  I think I may have saved too many papers to be neatly stored in binders or even lidded boxes (unless I stick with the totes).  Luckily, as evident from Paige's 5th and 6th grade papers, there are WAY less things.  I guess as they get older, they make less cute artwork.  Most of Paige's 6th grade papers are essays she's written.  I'm thinking by the time she's in 12th grade it will be even less. 

As far as Jeff's appointment, it went well.  They want to rule out some hormonal and/or other physiological problems that could be affecting his growth.  Unfortunately that required more blood work.  Like 7 tubes of blood!  But he did awesome and did not complain at all.  We are changing his diet so that he is consuming less sugar as the doctor thinks he's using sugar to fuel up and not eating.  I totally agree.  He listened to her and is not giving us much trouble about cutting back on sugary drinks and eating more protein and vegis.  I am hoping this will help him gain some weight too. 

His doctor isn't rushing anything at this point.  She was really great and explained a lot of options to us.  We are hoping that his growth hormones are normal and that he will not need to have to take any.  He goes back to see her in a few weeks once his lab work is done.  She should have a better understanding if there is anything physiologically preventing him from growing.  But she also said that he just may have his growth spurt later, there is no way of knowing. 

So at least I was able to get his school papers organized in one spot.  And I did get some other organizing to do's done! 

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Live Simply- Live Well said...

i am glad that the dr. was so great. its really hard when the dr. tries to scare you or pressure yall.