Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's the Plan?

If you read my post yesterday, you would have heard the news that I am going from full time to part time at work.  Starting today! 

It's not a big deal.  I don't make much at this job and I have been sending resumes out this past month.  Financially, we've been seeing this coming at work.  Our office is slowing down, but the boss's spending hasn't!

I am going to save  $100 right off the bat from gas.  I work 30 minutes away and the drive is very hilly so I use a tank of gas a week in my sunfire.  It's been costing me almost $45 -50 to fill up this small 13 gallon tank (depending on gas prices).  Now if I am only going in to work 2 days a week, my tank should last almost 2 weeks.  And I will save on lunch - though minimally since I try not to eat out much any way.  But even if just $5- 10 a week that's $40 a month.  That's a small bill payment!

Personal finances will be tough for a little while. Jeff and I have been working on eliminating our debt and this will definitely slow us down.  But I am eligible for partial unemployment and though it is very small, it will help.  I am responsible for paying the utility bills and with summer coming, I won't have a huge gas bill.  The electric bill will go up some, but I will be home more to control that thermostat!

The kids are thrilled to have me home more.  They understand that we will be eating home again more.  This past month we have been really bad about eating out since I don't get home until right before we have to leave for baseball or softball games.  Not anymore.  I would rather eat at home anyway and save eating out for special occasions.  The kids like eating fast food and so this will be tougher on them.  But it's not up for negotiation.

The best part of this for me is that I will be home with my family.  I really liked being home after my surgery.  And working just two days a week will be a good break.  Plus I will be able to do so much more than after my surgery.

My son already asked me what the plan was for today.  I told him that I had to work but that tomorrow I would clean his room as his 3rd grade graduation gift.  He was very pleased!

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