Friday, September 10, 2010

I forgot how to post

Yes, I haven't been around and so when I decided to post just now I looked at blogger in confusion!

A lot has happened, I turned 40, we took a family cruise to the Caribbean, my son was tormented by another child on his football team and I think I'm going through midlife crisis. You know, the usual life stuff.

One thing though that I have realized this past month is that after 23 years with my husband (dating and marriage inclusive because hey he's the only man I've been with!) I still love him fiercely. It's not the same kind of love I had for him in my teens and 20's. It's more/less/stronger/fonder/intimate. I'm guessing that it will change as we change in the next 23 years (and more I hope!). It's been amazing to watch him grow as a man/father/husband. My love has grown with him as I watched his transformation and I love who he has become. He tells me how much he loves me and is attracted to me even after all these years (and babies).

To think that at one time in my life I never wanted to get married let alone have children. I'm glad he showed me that I could be a good wife and mother despite my own upbringing. My fear almost cost me the joy of him and the kids and I can't imagine my life without them.

So Jeff, I hope that someday you will realize how truly happy I am with you. I love you more than imaginable or describable. Even when things get crazy- like now with you coaching cross country- ignore my complaining. You know it's in my nature to be pessimistic and miserable but under it all I love you and all your bad habits and I hope you feel the same about me!

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