Saturday, September 18, 2010

Did I forget how busy the fall is?

I'm taking a break from cleaning my office. Yes, I just did a major cleaning not that long ago and boy did the cleaning fairies forget to keep up with this room. It could also be that my son decided to clean out his room of everything spiderman and dump it all in here!! You couldn't even walk into this room. It truly looked like a scene from Hoarders. That's what my family has been calling it all week long- the Hoarder room.

Besides wasting time on the internet, I'm thinking about how busy my weekends are in the fall. I thought summer was busy, and really my fall weekends are worse. Jeff usually has a cross country meet every Saturday and he leaves at 6 am and comes back around 3pm or so. Paige has a football game to cheer for and had Jeffrey Michael not quit football, I would be sitting at his game watching him and then staying for the olders kids game for Paige to cheer. Then we have church and usually a birthday party squeezed in there as well. It's no wonder I don't feel like I get a break.

Well, right now I am. I have about 40 mins before picking Paige up from a sleepover and I'm gonna waste time on the computer (in between loads of laundry!!). Hope your weekend is more relaxing than mine!!

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