Friday, January 1, 2010


The last week of the year is always so busy at my house. It starts with my brother in law's family staying with us Christmas night and leaving a few days later. His wife and I go shopping the day after and usually that's my one shopping trip for myself. This year I found a new winter jacket, scarf, gloves, pillows for our bed, a Bialetti coffee pot for Jeff, a purse, and various other small items.

Work was super busy as it's the end of the year and numbers had to be met. My boss waits to the last week to try and get policies so he can meet his numbers while the rest of us work hard all year getting policies. Next year I am saving some days and taking off the last week. Jeff and the kids are home and it would be nice to be home together.

Jeff went yesterday to get the electrical supplies to run wires for our bedroom. I still need to pick out paint colors. I know how I want the bedroom to look and achieving it will probably not happen! We're hoping to get the electric done tomorrow and then priming the walls tomorrow night. I also have to pick a floor so we can order it. I can't wait to have an actual bedroom.

I still haven't put together any resolutions. I want to work on improving myself as well as the lives of my family but not sure what that means or how to achieve it. But I love reading every one's goals. Maybe I'll just live vicariously through all you!! Best wishes for everyone this new 2010 year!

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